Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busyness, Tardiness, and Laziness

This blog has been very quiet this month. Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer in my defense other than three excuses:

I've been busy. I've been applying to law schools the past few weeks, which has consumed a lot of my time. However, I now have free time again, which lately I have been using to clear out my insanely clogged inbox and my messy desk (and side table, and table, and boxes) covered in papers. I should start hearing back from schools in the next month or two. Hopefully it will be good news. It's time to leave Saginaw.

I've also been tardy. Most of my applications were due in the first half of this month, but I'm writing this in the second half of the month, so I'm late. I do have a few blog ideas though. I plan on putting up an investment update very soon (the sooner the better, since investment information depreciates rapidly), and I have a few drafts of economic issues I want to comment on as well. Maybe I'll talk about some non-economic stuff too.

And I've been lazy. Some of these posts take a long time to write, at least an hour or two, a few more like three hours. And yet whenever I'm finished writing them, I feel good. I guess it's like exercise, or having your teeth cleaned: You really should do it, and you'll feel better afterwards, but it's just something you want to put off till another day. Maybe I'll be better about this in the future. Maybe I'll even post on a schedule. Hey, we can all dream, right?

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Anonymous said...

Tony I am very happy that you have started posting again. However, I hope that in the future you will post less on econ and more on the random stuff, such as the difference between cakes and cookies, we all know you love so very much. Now try to guess if this is Ben or Matt.