Monday, October 26, 2009

Making a List and Checking It Twice... or Three Times... or More

I seem to have a lot of trouble following a list. Case in point: I have a list of music albums I want to listen to. I just spent the past few hours listening to some new music. How many albums on that list did I listen to? None. So I get to cross off five albums that weren't on my list.

Another example: I have a list of people I need to send emails to. Me being me, I should have responded weeks ago. And of course, me being me, instead of responding to those first, I decided to write another email that could be sent any time, but to be fair, I then felt bad and stopped... and then didn't write the ones I was supposed to.

Yet another example is this blog. I've got around ten draft entries when I should be working on writing something econ-related, since I haven't written one in a month and a half now.

My total failure at making lists and following them is nothing new. I've got planners and agendas and loose leaf paper filled with half-completed lists.

...So why am I still making lists?

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